VirtualBoss Construction Scheduling Software

Task Management

VirtualBoss keeps you on top of everything that needs to be done on every job. It does more than just schedule your jobs. When you decide something additional needs to be done now you have a consistent place to enter it. You can track punch list and service items. When you need know what needs to be done VirtualBoss gives you the list. Now you have a place to consistently put your to-do items. You will be able to print or fax or email work orders in just 2 clicks. You can print a punch list for one person, one job, or everybody on all jobs. In 2 clicks you can see what is left for any job or any person or company. 2 more clicks and all work orders are faxed, emailed, or printed. There is no easier way take control of managing your jobs. VirtualBoss can be shared on a network, will run on a stand alone pc, pda (palm pilot and or pocket pc), and can even real time make your info available on the internet.

Task Management allows for faster, smarter, and easier project schedule.

As you review the VirtualBoss Task List you can print or fax work orders as necessary to get all the loose ends pulled together at the end of a job. Not only does printing/faxing/emailing work orders help you finish the job smoother and more efficiently, it communicates to your valued customer that you are on top of things. Just like all work orders printed by VirtualBoss, faxed & emailed work orders include the names and phone numbers of the people doing the work, job numbers, lot numbers, addresses, lock box combinations, directions to job site, customer names, customer phone numbers, and any special job site instructions. It leaves little room for questioning what, where, or when. You can even publish and edit this information on the internet. Job supervision just became easier!

When a customer gives you a pre-move-in punch list, VirtualBoss will help you maintain this list and will print or fax or email the necessary work orders in 2 clicks.

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