VirtualBoss Construction Scheduling Software for Mobile Devices & Browsers!

Use VirtualBoss on your mobile devices web browser. This gives you direct access to your data through our mobile website software called Remote VirtualBoss.
*Pocket and Palm VirtualBoss are no longer supported*
Please use Remote VirtualBoss for remote access!
Pocket PC Scheduling Software

VirtualBoss for the Pocket PC

Pocket VirtualBoss is the Pocket PC companion to PC VirtualBoss. It can be used as a standalone program on your pocket pc, or you can synchronize with PC VirtualBoss (Tasks, Jobs, Contacts & more ). Now you can have all your job site info and schedules on your PC and your PDA. With Pocket VirtualBoss, you can view, edit, add, and filter items (tasks, contacts, and jobs) when you are away form the office. Pocket VirtualBoss displays all information you entered on your PC (& vise versa). Pocket VirtualBoss allows you to do anything that PC VirtualBoss can do. When you return to your office, you can synchronize all the changes you made on both PC VirtualBoss and Pocket VirtualBoss. The power of the new Pocket PC combined with VirtualBoss simplicity makes this an excellent way to be even more organized

VirtualBoss for the Palm Pilot

Palm VirtualBoss brings the best features of VirtualBoss to your Palm Pilot. Now you can take your schedule and contact list anywhere you go. If you're at the job site and need to make adjustments (for example, if you're running ahead or behind schedule), you can make changes on the spot. You can add notes, make changes to your schedule, and synchronize those changes with your PC. This product is one of the only Palm solutions for construction scheduling on the market. This allows those in the field to get the job done accurately with the most up to date information. Palm VirtualBoss accompanies PC VirtualBoss to offer a scheduling solution for those who are always on the go, all in the palm of their hand.

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