VirtualBoss Software License

If you're a new user of VirtualBoss, or looking to pick up additional user licenses, this is the option for you!

Each Workstation License allows up to 1 person to use VirtualBoss at a time. The number of licenses determines how many people can be using the software at the same time. If you're not sure how many you will need, a 1 Workstation License is a good start! You can always add more later.

For questions and support, please see our contact page. To view our return policy, head on over to our returns page.

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Questions and Support: (419)872-7686

One-Time Upgrade

The One-Time Upgrade allows you to upgrade all of your VirtualBoss products to the latest version available. This option is for customers that are not on a Support Plan and wish to upgrade their software. Please include your Name, Company, Email Address, or any other identifying information during checkout. This will help us match your purchase with your existing License.


Pro Support Plan

The Pro Support Plan covers everything from upgrades to technical support for your software. This also includes technical assistance with setting up Remote VirtualBoss!