VirtualBoss Software Release Notes Latest Version: 5.08 build 380
September 8th, 2014: v5.08 build 380 - Download Now
  • Fixed an issue that prevented new tasks added while on the Gantt chart view to not show up until the screen was refreshed
  • Added a button on Remote VirtualBoss Gantt chart view to scroll to today's date
  • Minor updates to Remote VirtualBoss
August 26th, 2014: v5.08 build 378
  • Changed default behavior for Print/Email/Fax options
  • Subject and Body message fields are now useable when emailing Schedules
  • Interface improvements and bug fixes for Print/Email/Fax
  • History of sent emails in the notes section now defaults to 'off'
July 14th, 2014: v5.08 build 376
  • Added the ability to change the font and text size of the Task, Contact, and Job Manager lists
  • Added a right-click option to change the font and text size of the Task, Contact, and Job Manager lists
  • Added a right-click option to edit the Requested By list in the task detail screen
  • Added easier to use options in Print and Email windows for Print/Email/Fax to select tasks
  • Normalized font for some tabs in Contact Manager
  • Updated interface for Print and Email windows in Print/Email/Fax section
  • Updated memorized filters options
  • Updated basic and advanced views for the Filter Options window
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn't show color when sending HTML schedules
  • Fixed a refresh glitch that wouldn't show the updates to task links on the Gantt Chart view
  • Fixed a refresh glitch where a task wouldn't show its new color until the screen refreshed
  • Fixed a visual glitch that caused some text to become bold when selected in the Filter Options window
  • Fixed a bug in the Contact Manager that could cause VirtualBoss to shutdown when adding a group
  • Fixed an email bug where HTML would appear in the notes section that is not supposed to be visible
  • Fixed a bug that would not allow sending emails to Outlook and cause an 'unknown error' to occur
May 28th, 2014: v5.08 build 369
  • New Print/Email/Fax interface has been added. This replaces the 'wizard' style interface introduced recently with a more convenient 'single-window' aesthetic
  • Updated HTML Schedule format. Column headers and data no longer wrap, providing a more uniform look to emailed schedules using the HTML format. This eliminates the need to mess around with "width %" to make the columns size up correctly.
  • Added advanced tooltips to the Gantt Chart view in Remote VirtualBoss. Hovering over a task will display much more information about that task
  • Added a preview window to the Print section so you can see what tasks will be printed before you hit print
  • Added subject and body message options to the Email section so you can customize these messages on outgoing Emails
  • Updated 'missing job owner email address' window with a more uniform look
  • Fixed an issue that wouldn't allow you to expand the 'Network' folder when browsing for a network database to open. This occured if the software was already opening a network database
  • Fixed some windows where option text could become bolded when checked
  • Changed 'Email Settings...' button text to better match its intended use
April 29th, 2014: v5.08 build 367
  • Significant speed improvements have been implemented to address "sluggish" performance for network users
  • Fixed an install bug that would cause an error near the end of the software installation for "Apache.exe"
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Emailed work orders to be "empty" for new installs
  • Added options to print the Gantt Chart to one page. These new options appear when you click on "Print Gantt Chart" from the Gantt Chart screen
  • Updated date picker calendars to replace older variants
  • When dragging and dropping a task bar on the Gantt Chart, the default action is to now change the start date or duration
  • Added new right-click menu options for changing the font and color of the Title, Ruler, and Column text, of the Gantt Chart
  • The Gantt Chart no longer refreshes when changing the font or color for the Title, Ruler, and Column text
  • Removed a few redundant choices from the Gantt Chart right-click menu to help reduce clutter
  • Fixed a bug that caused the "Apply" action to trigger when using the Next or Previous buttons on the Task Detail Screen
  • Added a blinking cursor effect to some input fields on the Task Detail Screen that previously didn't blink
  • Fixed some error noises that could be heard right after installation of VirtualBoss finished
  • Fixed a typo in the printing tab of the Gantt Chart Settings (8.5x10 changed to 8.5x11 paper size)
April 2nd, 2014: v5.08 build 361
  • Updated Remote VirtualBoss drop down lists to show all jobs and contacts when adding or editing a task
  • The filter options on Remote VirtualBoss can now be toggled on and off and will remember that state when reloading the page
  • In Remote VirtualBoss, using the search boxes to find contacts and jobs will now cause the results to disappear when clicking a result
  • In PC VirtualBoss, the export window has been updated and the logic to create an auto-export has been improved
March 25th, 2014: v5.08 build 360
  • More modern looking (and accurate) progress indicators have been added
  • IIS compatibility improvements have been added to Remote VirtualBoss
  • Fixed compatility issues with newer versions of Windows Task Scheduler. Auto Exports should now function as expected
  • You no longer see the "skipping files" message during the software installation
  • Added justification, color, and font size icons to the task notes field when font and color options are enabled
March 17th, 2014: v5.08 build 359
  • Updated Print/Email/Fax with new changes
  • Updated Remote VirtualBoss interface to be more consistent
  • Fixed bug in file attachments tab where clicking "locate" would not find the file
  • Many window updates for visual improvement
  • Added more icons to options in Print/Email/Fax for visual improvement
  • Choosing a job or contact in Print/Email/Fax lists will now be sorted by previously checked items
  • Made buttons more consistent width relative to one another
  • Updated Printed Schedule options to be more condensed and easier to navigate through
  • Added shortcuts to get to Work Order and Schedule options windows. Can be found under the Options menu
  • Changed "edit options" links to be buttons for easier identification in Print/Email/Fax
  • Updated wording in various Print/Email/Fax screens with better descriptions of what the options do
  • Introduced new right-click context menu throughout VirtualBoss.
  • Added an option during software install to include Remote VirtualBoss (previously, it was installed by default)
  • Removed constant warning message from Work Order options window that warned of page width exceeding one page
  • Condensed other dialog messages to be more descriptive with less wording
  • Spell checking is now disabled by default
  • Added text editing options directly into the notes field to provide quick formatting of text. More will be added in the next build
  • Cut/Copy/Paste options can now be found in the same right-click context menu as the font and color settings
January 30th, 2014: v5.08 build 355
  • Changed a few default font settings for the Gantt Chart view for better readability
  • Added a new program and backup icon.
  • Fixed a bug that caused text to become bolded when tabbing out of a field that had drop down options.
  • Some windows throughout the program have been updated with new text and icons.
  • New print and email icons have been added to the print/email/fax dialog screens.
  • Fixed some odd behavior when clicking in white space on some screens.
  • Added some smart functionality to the Task Manager that should reduce the number of unnecessary save triggers.
January 13th, 2014: v5.08 build 351
  • Further improvements to Print/Email/Fax section.
  • Email & Fax tab of the Task Detail screen has been updated. It is now called "Email" and focuses on sending emails for that task. Faxing options have been removed from this tab.
December 16th, 2013: v5.08 build 349
  • Work Order options page has been updated and new options have been added.
  • Fixed bug that caused the apply option to not trigger when changing the auto-backup location.
  • Updated text on some buttons to better reflect their actions.
  • Added many new options to the Remote VirtualBoss Gantt Chart view.
  • Fixed a problem with the Remote VirtualBoss Calendar view not loading.
  • Print/Email/Fax received many updates to improve sending emails.
  • Line Breaks and character format is now preserved on printed reports with Standard and HTML formats.
  • Many fields have had their character limit greatly increased (Job Site Notes, Directions to Job Site, Ect...)
  • Custom fields and Lists should now be enabled by default.
  • Automatic task # guessing is now "off" by default.
  • Columns should now save their new position and size as soon as they are changed.
  • Fixed a few bugs on the "Edit all tasks" window that would cause unexpected results if adding new items "on-the-fly" from that window.
  • Fixed bug when using Standard email format that would cause line breaks to appear as %ENTER%.
  • Target Start field in Remote VirtualBoss Gantt Chart view now displays as the actual field name set in PC VirtualBoss.
  • New email icon added to some windows.
  • Print/Email/Fax now has a summary list so you can see who will be receiving emails you are about to send.
  • Updated many windows with text for better explanations.
  • Fixed issue with the Job # field not correctly reflecting in the subject body of the email when using Standard formatting.
  • When using Standard formatting, there is no longer an unused gap of space on each page after the first page.
October 23rd, 2013: v5.08 build 346
  • Gantt Chart View for Remote VirtualBoss has been added!
  • Current Primary and Secondary sort columns now have their header highlighted in order to stand out more.
  • The Task ID column is now hidden by default. This should help reduce confusion and mixup with the Task # field. (should not affect current users if the field is set to show already)
  • "Restore Default Filters" button has been renamed. It is now called "Show all tasks" (Remove active filters)
  • Reverted slide-out menu for color options in the right-click menu back to its original functionality.
  • Fixed a problem where using a custom Gantt Chart header would cause the filters label to print on the report, even if set to off.
  • Many window updates and refinements.
September 18th, 2013: v5.08 build 343
  • Improvements to new schedule options window.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented schedules from printing when no active tasks are selected.
  • Updated the Gantt Chart view so that view does not jump around when new tasks are created.
  • Fixed a bug that caused all imported jobs to be added as new jobs instead of updating existing jobs.
  • Updated text on certain quickbooks sync windows to be more accurate.
September 10th, 2013: v5.08 build 341
  • Interface updates for Remote VirtualBoss.
  • Fixed an issue in Remote VirtualBoss when changing the status of Jobs or Contacts.
  • Major update to Print/Email/Fax Schedule options. These new default settings will now make the schedule look like your Task List, using the same sort order, column order, grouping, ect.
July 12th, 2013: v5.08 build 340
  • Complete overhaul of the Print/Email/Fax control panel. Made to be much more intuitive and easier to use!
  • Fixed an issue with file attachments not working in Remote VirtualBoss when the login screen is enabled.
June 20th, 2013: v5.08 build 338
  • Fixed an issue that could cause errors to appear when saving Job Notes when font and color options are enabled.
  • Calendar/Working days option in the scheduling tab should now work as intended (bug introduced in build 337).
June 13th, 2013: v5.08 build 337
  • Major Speed Enhancements have been applied to this build. Users should notice a significant improvement when multiple users are connected to the same database!
  • Remote VirtualBoss has had some areas optimized to provide faster load times for all users. Users with larger databases should really see a difference!
  • Options have been added to Remote VirtualBoss to give users more choices when deleting certain items to bring it more inline with the PC VirtualBoss software.
  • Fixed a bug when deleting a task in Remote VirtualBoss that had task links (only present in unreleased build).
  • Some default settings were not being applied when creating a new database, this has been corrected.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue that could prevent some users from installing VirtualBoss on Windows XP Home edition.
  • Fixed a bug in PC VirtualBoss that wouldn't update task links for some tasks if their predecessor was deleted under certain conditions.
  • Updated some windows in PC VirtualBoss that now shows the task description where previously it only showed a task ID number.
  • Fixed a bug in Remote VirtualBoss when changing the finish plus field of a task without task links. This should no longer affect the task start date.
  • Fixed a bug in Remote VirtualBoss where deleting a job would not always unassign the tasks associated with that job.
May 14th, 2013: v5.08 build 336
  • Remote VirtualBoss interface update! Remote VirtualBoss has a new look and improved Filter Options. More updates are planned and are coming soon!
  • Remote VirtualBoss has been optimized in some areas, which should increase load times for some users.
  • Several options and windows in Remote VirtualBoss have been re-worded and updated for consistency.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented tasks and jobs from being deleted in Remote VirtualBoss if they had a group assigned.
  • The filter options on the Calendar view should now reset properly when resetting to default filters.
April 22nd, 2013: v5.08 build 334
  • Remote VirtualBoss: When logging in as a user with restricted permissions, the contact and job drop down filters now only show the filtered results (previously all contacts and jobs were visible).
  • Remote VirtualBoss: The contact and job manager screens now only show filtered results when logging in as a restricted user.
  • Remote VirtualBoss: Removed the "Company Name" drop down filter. Before, the "Person's Name" and "Company" name fields were linked together. This caused some logical problems as well as confusion. To choose a contact filter in Remote VirtualBoss, please use the Person's Name drop down. No filter functionality has been removed as the Person's name drop down list contains the same information.
  • Fixed the right-click menu option for viewing job site details of a task.
  • Updated the window when quick adding a Job. It is now similar to the regular add job window.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing schedule settings from being saved.
April 4th, 2013: v5.08 build 332
  • Fixed issue that prevented the first job in the job manager from appearing in the filter box in Remote VirtualBoss
  • Updated many prompt boxes with more accurate descriptions
  • fixed window glitch when resizing some windows
  • Overhauled the duplicate job option.
  • Fixed issue that prevented users from deleting Jobs from the Job Manager
  • The Task # column in Remote VirtualBoss now shows decimal places
  • The Task list no longer resorts when moving columns left or right
  • Fixed issue where some list columns were not remembering their position after a shutdown
  • When updating VirtualBoss, all settings for Remote VirtualBoss will now be remembered
  • You can now show contact phone numbers on the Task List via the preference options
February 27th, 2013: v5.08 build 327
  • New Options: You can now customize the subject line and body message of Work Order emails sent from VirtualBoss (These options are found under Work Order Options in Print/Email/Fax - just look for the Email Settings button)
  • Improved program performance for network users
  • Improved Remote VirtualBoss session handling. This should help prevent users from being logged out any time they click on something.
  • Contact Phone #s field has been added to the field captions tab of the preferences. You can now show contact phone numbers on the Task List.
February 12th, 2013: v5.08 build 324
  • New Filter Options for Remote VirtualBoss (Similar to what you find in PC VirtualBoss)
  • Performance improvements for Network Users
  • Fixed issue where VirtualBoss could get stuck during installation
  • Updated message text on some windows
  • Custom Date Range on Gantt Chart Settings now defaults to current year instead of "01"
November 27th, 2012: v5.08 build 320
  • Updated install procedure with improved Remote VirtualBoss installation
  • Updated user options when connecting to newer or older databases
  • Removed "installandupgrade" folder(s) from installation
  • Removed Remote VirtualBoss icon shortcut after installation
  • Reduced chance of seeing an Apache web server "stopped working" message during install
  • Filter options for Remote VirtualBoss are now shared between Task List and Calendar views
  • Remote VirtualBoss should now automatically upgrade during a PC VirtualBoss upgrade, rather than prompt the user to do so afterwards
  • The "disable login screen" option for Remote VirtualBoss is now remembered after updating the software
  • Tasks on Remote VirtualBoss Calendar view now show the Job Name next to the description
  • Reduced chance of Anti-Virus software flagging some VirtualBoss files with a false-positive notification
  • There is now link to the Remote VirtualBoss Calendar view on the PC VirtualBoss Calendar view
  • Updated install procedure to once again allow for multiple installs of VirtualBoss on the same computer
  • Included Sample Databases have had their start dates adjusted
November 13th, 2012: v5.08 build 318
  • Calendar View has been added to Remote VirtualBoss. A drag-and-drop style calendar lets you easily view and update your schedule! View the Calendar on our demo site
  • Remote VirtualBoss is now installed automatically for new installations, making setup easier!
  • Apache 2.2 is now supported and included for Remote VirtualBoss (previous 2.0 versions will need to be removed prior to installation)
  • Added options to change Task Color scheme to the right-click menu.
September 24th, 2012: v5.08 build 316
  • Fixed contact details window glitch on phones tab when font and color options are enabled for contact notes.
  • Fixed visual inconsistency when single clicking to select records on drop down lists in filter windows.
  • Fixed a problem with auto-export that would cause the last task to be repeated.
  • Minor corrections and updates to dialog windows.
September 17th, 2012: v5.08 build 315
  • Added options for preserving start dates when linking and auto linking Tasks.
  • Fixed issue that caused some installations to automatically deregister.
  • Added options to mark all weekends on or off for the year.
  • Added right-click option to change Job Name in the Job Manager.
  • Single clicking on a company name or a person's name in the Filter Options drop down menus will now properly recognize that selection.
  • Deleting a user from the Users tab will now recognize and save properly.
  • Many UI, bug fixes, and window improvements, have been applied to this build.
August 2nd, 2012: v5.08 build 312
  • Many of the tabs in the Contact Manager have been updated with better layouts.
  • Fixed a problem with user login permissions remaining active when switching databases.
  • Remote VirtualBoss Tasks now display "Last Changed By" if the option is enabled in PC VirtualBoss.
June 25th, 2012: v5.08 build 308
  • The Scheduling tab has been redesigned to make task linking easier through the task detail screen.
  • You can now choose your printer from the print preview window after clicking on print. The printer properties dialog appears in other areas of VirtualBoss as well when printing.
  • Drop down menus in the basic filter and basic task permissions window will now resize the window to show more information.
  • Active and Done task permissions are now checked as default when creating a new user login.
June 11th, 2012: v5.08 build 307
  • New Custom Logins with Filter-Style permissions controls have been added.
  • Primary and Secondary Sort options have been added to the Gantt Chart for easier sorting.
  • Fixed "Date Range to show" in Gantt Chart settings. Custom range will now remember your last entered values.
  • Fixed a visual offset that occurred to the Ruler text on the Gantt Chart after printing under certain conditions.
  • Improvements have been made to input field behaviour throughout the program:
    - Fields no longer auto switch to the next field when the character limit has been reached.
    - Duration field is now left justified and easier to edit.
    - Clicking on input fields should now feel more natural.
    - Clicking on a date field (mm/dd/yy) will now highlight, making it easier to edit.
  • Updated Remote VirtualBoss to work with new Login Permissions.
  • Improvements done to Recently opened database window:
    - Locate Database will now open the parent folder rather than the database folder.
    - Pressing Delete on a database will now just remove it from the list.
    - Removed second option prompt asking to permanently delete the database after list removal.
    - Changed "Create Blank Database" to "Create New Database".
  • Fixed a problem with Edit all tasks in which text being typed wouldn't always appear in some situations.
  • Fixed multiple screen refresh issues.
  • Fixed a visual glitch where opening/editing a task would briefly display another tasks data.

April 23rd, 2012: v5.08 build 303

  • New Feature: This build contains new Security options for VirtualBoss.
  • The old login system to VirtualBoss has been removed and replaced with new controls.
  • Logins for VirtualBoss and Remote VirtualBoss are now shared.
  • "I'm a Contact" and "I'm a Job Owner" login types have been removed from Remote VirtualBoss. (all current logins can be either read/write or read-only; this will change soon.)
  • Added an "apply" button next to memorized filters and memorized settings drop downs.
  • fixed numerous refresh issues throughout the program.
  • Opening a task for editing will no longer briefly show a partially loaded detail window.

March 8th, 2012: v5.08 build 299

  • Fixed a bug with delete all task links that wouldn't remove the links in some situations.
  • Fixed a bug with changing the custom date range in the Gantt Chart settings using the drop down calendar.

February 27th, 2012: v5.08 build 298

  • Fixed error noise when first adding a task to a new database.
  • Getting Started Guide will now only update when opened. Resizing the window will no longer refresh the whole guide.

February 21st, 2012: v5.08 build 297

  • Made optimizations to some lists while they load, slight performance improvement in some areas.
  • Filter window should now load faster under most conditions.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the load icon to appear on the mouse pointer after an operation until the user moved the mouse.
  • Start and Finish dates on Exports will now retain their proper format when some tasks are missing those fields.
  • Lists now export in the same order they appear in VirtualBoss.

February 6th, 2012: v5.08 build 294

  • Speed improvements have been implemented to help when multiple users are connected to a single database.
  • Fixed preference window glitch that would sometimes reset task color settings.
  • Fixed a problem that occasionally caused VirtualBoss to "de-register" after sending an email.
  • The Calendar now uses previously unused window space
  • New Getting Started Guide has been added with more up-to-date images, advice, and helpful tips.
  • Speed improvements have been implemented for the Job Manager when multiple users are connected.
  • Other speed improvements have been implemented to help reduce input lag when multiple users are connected.
  • The Scheduling Tab now sets its default filter to whichever Job the Task is assigned to.

January 5th, 2012: v5.08 build 293

  • Fixed a calendar setting option that overlapped, making it difficult to toggle on or off.
  • Removing file attachments triggers the save/apply action
  • Fixed a bug where the requested by drop down menu would be hidden behind the notes if font and color settings were turned on.
  • Fixed a floating window when viewing contact groups print preview.
  • Notes on printed/emailed reports are no longer cut short.
  • Filter to Job within Job Manager now works when other filters are active.
  • Fixed many drop down lists that were not triggering a save when used to make a change.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented font and color settings from working on printed/emailed reports.
  • Support Plan customers shouldn't see the message asking them to update their license info anymore.

December 21th, 2011: v5.08 build 291

  • Default Time Scale on the Gantt Chart has been changed to 300 (previous 230)
  • Reduced the chance you would accidentally drag a bar to a 0 day duration when on the Gantt Chart.
  • While on the Gantt Chart, the currently selected task now has a unique bar color.
  • Changing a Task on the Gantt Chart, then opening and closing the Gantt Chart settings will now save the changes.
  • Reduced how much the Gantt Chart will "Auto Adjust" after a screen refresh.
  • Simplified the options window given when changing the start date of a linked task on the Gantt Chart.
  • Improvements have been made to allow the Gantt Chart to refresh faster after a change has been made.
  • Job, Contact, and Task Manager windows now take top position when initially opened.
  • "Edit all Tasks in list" now works as it should.
  • Corrected a calculation error when changing the duration or start date with "Edit all Tasks in List".
  • The Preferences window will no longer apply settings if nothing was changed.
  • You can now Export to Excel when there are no Tasks in the Task Manager.
  • Fixed a problem with the profession drop down list in the contact manager.
  • Drop down lists for City + State now show information again
  • Coming soon: Speed improvements for multiple networked users

   November 29th, 2011:
v5.08 build 287
  • Custom fields and Lists have been added to the Job and Contact Manager
  • coming in build 288: Gantt Chart Improvements

   November 14th, 2011:
v5.08 build 285
  • Fixed a problem in certain situations where schedules with linked Tasks were not always updating after a change
  • Coming in build 286: Custom fields for Job and Contact Manager! (coming soon)

   October 13th, 2011:
v5.08 build 284
  • Increased infinite loop detection when linking tasks that have multiple predecessors.
  • Schedules update properly again when new tasks are added and then linked immediately.
  • 4 Additional Custom Lists have been added to the Task Manager

    September 26th, 2011:
  v5.08 build 282
  • Added 4 additional Custom Fields! These fields appear in Lists, Reports, and Remote VirtualBoss.
    new custom fields
  • Build 283 will introduce 4 Additional Custom Lists as well!

    June 29th, 2011:
  v5.08 build 280
  • Fixed some difficulty in removing checkboxes from fields that would be included in exports.
  • The software will now try to identify whether Linked Tasks will cause infinite loops and ask the user to correct the problem.
  • Fixed multiple confirmation windows when trying to save task detail information in some cases.
  • Adding additional email addresses separated by a comma to a contact record will now work properly when there is a blank space between each record.
  • When sending emails through VirtualBoss, if a contact does not have an email address assigned, the software will try to tell you which contacts to edit.

    June 2nd, 2011:
  v5.08 build 276
  • New Feature: Automatic Task #'s. Automatically create Task #'s for all Tasks in a given Job in seconds!
  • Expanded the "insert task" option and added an option to the process. Virtualboss will try to automatically guess the task number, but this can be manually entered as well.

    May 24th, 2011:
  v5.06 build 272
  • Added some functionality that will aid users that have experienced trouble registering the software online
  • Fixed a screen flash that occured when deleting a task from the Task Manager using the delete key
  • The Gantt Chart screen should no longer auto scroll when making changes to a task

    April 22nd, 2011:
  v5.06 build 271
  • Sorting the Task # field in Remote VirtualBoss has been corrected
  • Dragging and dropping a linked task onto another task will now present the user with a list of available actions
  • Fixed compatibility issue with QuickBooks online Plus edition
  • Made enhancements to sending emails with font and color options enabled

    March 28th, 2011:
  v5.06 build 268
  • Auto-Link all tasks works correctly again (found in build 266) following a delete-all task links command
  • The "Filter By" options in the filter options have been restored to working order
  • The Gantt Chart now automatically takes the same sort as the Task List when switching views. New option in gantt chart settings turns this on or off (on by default)
  • Setting User Information now defaults to save on users computer. To save or use User Information in a database, you can change the option in the preferences
  • Steps were taken in the build to help fix a problem users were having when sending emails. With our recent changes, this should resolve that problem. If you experienced any problems or error messages while trying to send an email, please try this build

    March 11th, 2011:
  v5.06 build 266
  • Fixed a display bug that wouldn't always show custom list data on the custom list tab of the detail screen.
  • Printing the Gantt Chart is now supported for larger paper sizes (11x17, 22x36, 24x48, 24x60, A2, as well as Legal, Letter, A3, A4, Executive, Tabloid and 8.5x10)
  • Fixed recent refresh issues that caused information showing next to a bar on the gantt chart to hide after making a change
  • Fixed a small screen flash that occured when opening a task with the "Enter" key
  • Fixed a bug with filter by date range, this filter should no longer sometimes become unavailable after first use.

    March 3rd, 2011:
  v5.06 build 263
  • Made changes to improve reliability of saving custom list changes in the task detail screen.

    February 24th, 2011:
  v5.06 build 262
  • Fixed a filter option bug when double clicking on a name in a drop down menu

    February 17th, 2011:
  v5.06 build 260
  • Fixed issues with Gantt Chart settings and auto apply settings option.
  • Making changes to Tasks via the Gantt Chart has been improved. Changing a start date or duration by dragging or dropping a bar should no longer cause a full screen refresh.
  • Improved the window that comes up when deleting contacts with Tasks assigned to them.
  • Added options to control the undo feature. These can be found in the Auto Backup tab in the Preferences.

    February 4th, 2011:
  v5.06 build 256
  • Fixed a problem that affected some users preventing them from unlocking the software on certain computers
  • Fixed a bug that caused emails to not send properly when using the default windows email client

    January 27th, 2011:
  v5.06 build 253
  • added progress indicator when switching to the Calendar & Gantt Chart
  • added progress indicators for backup, restore, export, import, deleting undo history
  • font and color changes to Task Notes will now properly save after a change
  • emailing a Task no longer sometimes removes font and color settings for the Task Notes
  • fixed a bug on the Print Preview screen that was cutting off part of the work orders
  • corrected a few formatting issues with some fields on work orders
  • removed some unnecessary screen refreshes which should improve responsiveness in some areas

    December 23rd, 2010:
  v5.06 build 251
  • Added progress bars to some actions in VirtualBoss (ie: restoring a backup, sending emails, Edit all Tasks progress, ect.)
  • If a problem happens during an online unlock, the user will now have the option to manually register the software without having to use up trial uses first.
  • Fixed missing VirtualBoss icons in some windows.
  • Send to Secondary Assignees is now defaulted to off in the Print/Email/Fax area

    December 8th, 2010:
  v5.06 build 248
  • Updated Built in VirtualBoss Email Client - now has support for Gmail accounts and other online email clients
  • Updated email process to show progress of sending emails & now gives a more detailed break down of what was sent
  • Made it easier to click other drop down menus while another drop down menu was already opened in certain places in the program
  • Improved the responsiveness of VirtualBoss when the "Please wait..." message was showing
  • The Filter option drop down lists have been made wider to show more information. This should make it easier to find an item in the drop down list
  • Added new options in the Email Settings

    November 29nd, 2010:
  v5.04 build 243
  • New quick filters are enabled when memorized settings/filters are created. These show on the Task List and Gantt Chart and can be cleared by hitting the 'delete' key
  • Fixed a bug when changing the date format from mm/dd/yy to dd/mm/yy

    November 22nd, 2010:
  v5.03 build 241
  • Added New Filter Options! Made it easier to filter by multiple assignees
  • Updated timestamp options for inserting into custom fields
  • Fixed a bug with changing the Job #/location. Tasks are properly updated to reflect the Job name change.

    November 11th, 2010:
  v5.01 build 240
  • Made improvements to the Custom Fields Tab in the Filter Options
  • Added option to insert a timestamp into a custom field (right click and choose insert timestamp)

    November 10th, 2010:
  v5.01 build 239
  • Remote VirtualBoss build 93 - made some improvements to the way columns are ordered in Remote VirtualBoss.

    November 9th, 2010:
  v5.01 build 238.3
  • Changed Task # to Task ID
  • Changed Order # to Task #
  • Added a new feature to auto increment the Task # (previously Order #). This option can be turned off in the preferences
  • Added the option to set increments for automatic Task #'s (see preferences)
  • The Calendar should now properly refresh after using the filter options from the Calendar screen
  • Center justified many checkbox columns

    October 28th, 2010:
  v5.00 build 237.8
  • Officially updated to Version 5.0!

    October 20th, 2010:
  v4.10 build 237.6
  • Made further improvements to speed with networked databases
  • Made it easier to adjust some values for printed schedules and work orders

    October 7th, 2010:
  v4.10 build 237.3
  • New Filter Options design implemented
  • "Apply" & "Auto Apply" option has been added to Filter Options
  • Fixed a bug with Filter Options that made it hard to remove active filters
  • Updated numerous information windows to be more helpful
  • Added feature to send email to Secondary Assignees (in print/email/fax)
  • Detail windows will no longer show on top of the print preview box

    September 27th, 2010:
  v4.10 build 236.9
  • Increased the max character limit on the password field in the Emailing tab.
  • Redesign done on the Emailing tab to be a bit more structured.
  • Added a dialog box to inform users the first time they mark a task as done. This can be turned off with a checkbox.
  • Fixed the scroll bar on the Secondary Assignees tab.

    September 16th, 2010:
  v4.10 build 236.8
            * Fixed a bug when trying to send emails with user defined memorized filter settings
    September 15th, 2010:
  v4.10 build 236.7
            * When deleting or marking a Task as done, the Task List no longer auto scrolls to the bottom
    September 14th, 2010:
  v4.10 build 236.6
            * Fixed a bug that would lock out certain fields after clicking on the Scheduling Tab
    September 13th, 2010:
  v4.10 build 236.5
            * Finish plus box should update correctly again
            * Scheduling Tab had a few visual glitches corrected
            * File attachments now default to "send with email" status when attached to a Task
            * New Feature - You can now assign more than one person to a Task
            * New columns appear to show Secondary Assignees if they are assigned to Tasks
            * Coming soon - Unlimited Custom Fields and New Filter Options!     
    August 30th, 2010:
  v4.10 build 236.2
            * Major speed improvements have been implemented for network users.  Anyone who has
               experienced slowdown while running VirtualBoss over a network is encouraged to download this
               new build.  (should be running 7-8 times faster with these improvements)

            * Updated warning text when editing all tasks in list.
            * Fixed an issue with changing a job # in the Job Detail screen.  Hitting cancel after changing a name
               will now properly cancel the name change.
            * You can now see more of the Task Notes on the Task Manager list. (up to 254 characters)      
    August 20th, 2010:
  v4.10 build 236.1
            * Fixed an issue where custom drop down lists were not saving properly
            * Edit all Tasks in List feature now properly refreshes the screen to show changes.
            * Adding tasks to a group now works again with Edit all Tasks in List.
            * Marking a job as a template job will now properly refresh the screen to show the changes.
            * Fixed a bug caused by upgrading from an older version that cause VirtualBoss to crash when
               switching to the Gantt Chart view.
            * Fixed a bug with changing a Job name in the Job Manager. This feature works as it should again.
            * The Job name caption is also updated on the Scheduling tab now.
            * Restoring a field name back to it's default name now updates without having to close and re-open.
            * Some characters such as '&' were not showing up on column headers.  This has been fixed.
            * More options have been 'enabled' on the Edit predefined Task screen.
            * You can now choose to hide the 'Attachments' column from showing on the task list.
            * The scheduling tab now defaults to show tasks based on your current filters instead of all tasks.
    July 14th, 2010:
  v4.10 build 235.8
            * Added some options for emailing file attachments with work orders and schedules.
            * New default background picture for VirtualBoss.
            * This build should help resolve a rare issue for users that aren't able to unlock the software on a
               computer with high security.
    June 23rd, 2010:
  v4.10 build 235.5

            * Made improvements to the Job Manager which should make it run faster for networked users
            * Added a change background option for VirtualBoss
    June 21th, 2010:
  v4.10 build 235.3 (officially released)

            * Swapped position of Address and Profile tabs in the Contact Detail windows.
            * Fixed window when viewing Contact Phone Numbers from the Gantt Chart right click menu.
    June 14th, 2010:
  v4.10 build 235.2 (officially released)

            * Corrected an issue where the print/email/fax window was showing on the print preview window
            * adding to a group option now works properly when using Edit all Tasks in List option.
    June 7th, 2010:
  v4.10 build 235.1 (officially released)

            * Numerous screen refresh problems corrected.
            * Added an option to the preferences that, when checked, will remember the size and location
               of detail windows after they close. (off by default)
            * Slightly increased the size of drop down menus in the Task Detail screens to make it easier to see
               items in the list.
    May 14th, 2010:
  v4.10 build 234.6

            * Print Preview and Print All checkboxes on the Job Manager remember their setting after a close.
            * Gantt Chart settings: fixed a setting that caused the auto apply to stop auto-applying briefly.
            * Keystroke query works better on the Job Manager with networked databases with this build.
    May 11th, 2010:
  v4.10 build 234.5

            * Corrected a critical error on the Gantt Chart that would cause the program to crash when using
               drag and drop style task linking (bug only present in build 234.3-4).
            * The Auto Apply checkbox on the gantt chart settings works properly again.
            * The Show Inactive Jobs checkbox on the Job Manager now saves it's state properly.
            * New default settings for the gantt chart have been applied to be more user friendly.
    May 10th, 2010:
  v4.10 build 234.4

            * Fixed an email issue that could cause all tasks to appear deleted
            * Made improvements to task linking when changing the start date of a task that is currently linked.
            * Made some small interface adjustments to the gantt chart and gantt chart settings window.
    April 30th, 2010:
  v4.10 build 234.3

            * Adding a file attachment to a task triggers the apply button
            * Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the Job Detail window to disappear behind the Job
               Manager window after saving notes.
    April 29th, 2010:
  v4.10 build 234.2

            * Made improvements to Job Manager for speed and other issues
            * The Gantt Chart settings window has been fixed to prevent resizing issues
            * The auto apply option in Gantt Chart settings now works with all options in the settings window
    April 23rd, 2010:
  v4.10 build 234.1

            * Fixed Job Manager speed issues
            * The finish plus box has been fixed and will now function properly
    April 9th, 2010:
  v4.10 build 233.8

            * Fixed speed issues that were causing tasks to open and close slower than usual
            * Added right-click options to Job Manager to mark Jobs active/inactive.
    April 1st, 2010:
  v4.10 build 233.5

            * New Gantt Chart Settings design. 
            * Added an "Apply" option to the Gantt Chart Settings.
            * New Remote VirtualBoss Control Panel design.
    March 25th, 2010:
  v4.10 build 233.4

            * Added custom message box to Remote VirtualBoss login screen.  Users can now set a message
               that will display above the login box on the login page from the RVB control panel.
            * Buttons with icons on them no longer look smaller when using 'Medium' text size in Windows 7.
    March 19th, 2010:
  v4.10 build 233.1

            * Hitting the "escape" key will no longer just close out of a new task if a user has entered any data
            * Added a "cancel" option when right clicking on the Gantt Chart
            * Users are now asked to confirm when they choose "Restore all settings to default" in the preference
    March 18th, 2010:
  v4.10 build 232.9

            * Some bug fixes regarding right click options for task and job details are fixed in this build
            * "Edit all tasks in list" option in right click menu has been corrected and works properly again
    March 12th, 2010:
  v4.10 build 232.7

            * New Job Manager design!
            * Several enhancements and fixes for task and job detail windows.
    February 24th, 2010:
  v4.10 build 232.2

            * Fixed a bug that was causing VirtualBoss to lock up when the same task was opened multiple times
    February 15th, 2010:
  v4.10 build 231.9

            * Fixed "error bells" from occuring when adding a new task.
            * The sort by checkbox column in the Scheduling Tab now sorts correctly.
            * When changing the finish plus day on the Scheduling Tab, the target start date updates
               immediately to show the changes.
    February 8th, 2010:
  v4.10 build 231.7

            * Remote VirtualBoss (build 89) - Marked column now has check boxes and a filter option in
               Remote VirtualBoss.
            * When adding predecessor tasks in the Scheduling Tab, the target start date now reverts back to
                it's original start date if links were added and then removed before hitting Apply.
    February 4th, 2010:
  v4.10 build 231.6

            * Tasks that are linked as predecessors now show up as hyperlinks on the detail page that will
               open that task when clicked.
            * Tabs now indicate there is data that may be useful to a user on them (such as a file attachment).
            * Predecessor tab has been renamed to "Scheduling".
    January 21th, 2010:
  v4.10 build 231.4 (officially released)

            * Updated some aspects of changing file attachments on the Task Detail window.
            * Fixed a bug with certain file links on Remote VirtualBoss.
            * New Remote VirtualBoss build available! (build 88).
            * Added new option buttons for task links on the predecessor tab in the detail window.
            * You can now attach the same file multiple times on one task.
            * Updated text on the predecessor tab in the detail screen.
    January 6th, 2010:
  v4.10 build 231.2

            * Improvements made to the Task Detail window (apply button added to save changes)
            * Information instantly updates on the Task List / Gantt Chart view when changes are saved
               on the Task Detail window.
            * Fixed a bug that caused the "Fax this Task" option to not work when using filters.
            * Corrected a few other bugs found during internal testing.
            * Task Detail windows now stack better when multiple tasks are open at once.
            * Task linking information can be found on the task details window once again.
    December 21st, 2009:
  v4.10 build 230.9

            * Task list updates on the task list as a user saves information on the task detail screen
            * "OK" button changed to "Save"
            * Added a close button option on new Task detail screen
            * When closing a Task Detail screen, VB checks to see if any changes were made and prompts
               to save
            * Added ability to open multiple Task Detail windows at once
            * Gantt Chart list is updated when a task is saved from its detail screen
            * Many other changes!
    November 25th, 2009:
  v4.10 build 230.6

            * Fixed a few bugs that were present when adjusting a schedule via the Gantt Chart.
    November 24th, 2009:
  v4.10 build 230.5

            * Fixed an issue where exporting to Excel small business edition wasn't showing any tasks.
    November 17th, 2009:
  v4.10 build 230.4

            * The Task Detail screen has a new look! It's now easier and more intuitive to add Tasks to your
            * Tabs on the task detail screen have been given more appropriate names.

    October 30th, 2009:
  v4.10 build 230.2

            * Fixed issue with contact manager sometimes not showing the correct contact details
            * File attachments are no longer cleared after a clicking on file link, email, or fax buttons

    October 29th, 2009:
  v4.10 build 230.1

            * Corrected File Attachment issue that was present in build 229.9

    October 28th, 2009:
  v4.10 build 229.9

            * Fixed an issue with task linking that would cause odd behaviour under certain circumstances

    October 14th, 2009:
  v4.10 build 229.6

            * Added a new tab to the Task Detail Screen for File Attachments. 
            * Fixed a bug that would cause the Job Manager to crash after modifying some Job details.
            * The "check all" and "remove all" checkmarks from tasks options are working properly again.
            * Made improvements to Emailing and "Print this task" should work faster now.
            * Remote VirtualBoss (build 86) included with this release.
               - contains compatibility with new (and upcoming) file attachment features. 

    October 6th, 2009:
  v4.10 build 229.4

            * New version of Remote VirtualBoss (build 85) fixed a problem that would cause the site to hang
               when adding a task. 

    October 1st, 2009:
  v4.10 build 229.3

            * Added greater control for users exporting Task, Contact, or Job fields to Excel using the Task
               Export feature.  These new options can be found under Options->Preferences->Field Captions tab
            * Fixed a bug that would cause the message "wrong file" when trying to unlock

    September 28st, 2009:
  v4.10 build 229.2 (unreleased)

            * VirtualBoss can now export all Task fields to Excel.
            * Remote VirtualBoss improvements:
              - file hyperlinks show full path when you hover over them
              - detailed task notes area will expand to match the amount of notes for easier viewing.
    September 21st, 2009:
  v4.10 build 229.1
           * Improved emailing with VirtualBoss built in client
           * Added an option to test email settings (will send a test email)
           * Corrected "error bells" that would sometimes occur during a registration
           * Refined how the number of tasks are shown on the Task Manager 

    September 16th, 2009:
  v4.10 build 228.9
           * Corrected overlapping text in a QuickBooks sync window
           * Added a new way to see how many tasks were active on the Task Manager screen
           * The Job and Contact manager should now auto-refresh after a QuickBooks sync to show the data
           * Updated window text
    September 10th, 2009:
  v4.10 build 228.8
           * Fixed a bug that would cause Windows XP home to crash
           * Template jobs no longer show in Remote VirtualBoss filter list
    August 5th, 2009:
  v4.10 build 228.7
           * Refined a compatibility assist option with Windows Vista, and the soon to be released Windows 7. 
    August 4th, 2009:
  v4.10 build 228.6
           * Restored Excel Export functionality to any version of Excel 
    July 31st, 2009:
  v4.10 build 228.5
           * Changes made from Remote VirtualBoss can now be undone from PC VirtualBoss
           * VirtualBoss will automatically run with administrator privileges when installed on Windows Vista
              or Windows 7 if the User Account Control is enabled at the time of install.  
    July 28th, 2009:
  v4.10 build 228.4
           * Added a message to the user when creating a Backup to make it more obvious 
    July 22nd, 2009:
  v4.10 build 228.3
           * General maintenence build (not released) 
    July 10th, 2009:
  v4.10 build 228.2
           * Improved online registration and updates to our license server 
    June 26th, 2009:
  v4.10 build 228.1
           * Added the short-cut / hotkey control+z to undo option. 
    June 19th, 2009:
  v4.10 build 227.9
           * Undo Option added to VirtualBoss! 
    May 27th, 2009:
  v4.10 build 227.6
           * Fixed a problem with exporting a task list to MS Excel 2003
           * Added Undo functionality to imported items from Excel   
    April 24th, 2009:
  v4.10 build 227.4
           * fixed an issue with job coloring in the Job Manager 
     April 21st, 2009:   v4.10 build 227.3
* Improved the Check for Upgrades option

     April 20th, 2009:  v4.10 build 227.2
* added functionality to MS Excel export option
              - now auto formats notes from exported tasks, jobs, contacts.

     April 15th, 2009:  v4.10 build 226.8
* increased the amount of detailed notes exported to excel to unlimited
           * Remote VirtualBoss build 79
- corrected a bug that would cause speed issues when saving tasks.

     April 10th, 2009:  v4.10 build 226.7
* Multi Predecessors for Task Linking added
              - this option is on by default
           * Bug Fixes:
              - Issue fixed when restoring a database after some changes to the Gantt Chart
              - Reduced the possibility of encountering an infinite loop with with multi predecessors
     April 7th, 2009:   v4.10 build 226.6
* Some windows have been redone to be more user friendly
           * Minor corrections made to printing one task per page with html option
           * Bug Fixes:

              - fixed problems with multi predecessor logic

     March 30th, 2009:  v4.10 build 226.3
* Abillity in work order options to print one task per page using html option
           * Remote VirtualBoss build 78 released!
              - added the abililty to rearrange the columns in remote virtualboss through pc virtualboss         

      March 24th, 2009:  v4.10 build 226.2
* Refinements made to remote virtualboss column arranging option
           * Remote VirtualBoss build 77 released!

              - added abillity to rearrange columns of Job/Contact lists in remote virtualboss

     March 23rd, 2009:  v4.10 build 226.1
* Multi Predecessor feature is fully supported in PC & Remote VirtualBoss
           * added ability to turn off Multi Predecessor feature (preference set per database)
           * added option to turn filters on or off in the Task Linking option
           * Remote VirtualBoss build 76 released!
              - added the ability to arrange task list columns

     March 12th, 2009:  v4.10 build 225.9
* Mult Predecessor task linking feature added!

     March 12th, 2009:  v4.10 build 225.8
* Updated the faxing information tab to include Windows Vista support
           * Bug fixes:
              - fixed a problem that caused the job and contact manager notes to display improperly when color
                preferences are enabled

     February 27th, 2009:  v4.10 build 225.7
* Updated text to the automated registration process

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