VirtualBoss Construction Scheduling Software

Service Management

VirtualBoss gives you a central location to record and track service items that need to be done for all of your valuable customers. VirtualBoss will compile work orders for tasks that need to be done for a any customer in 3 clicks of your mouse. Like all VirtualBoss work orders the service orders include all relevant names addresses and phone numbers of all the people involved (Customer, Contractor,& Builder). When these work orders are given to a customer it:

  • Gives the customer a sense of comfort knowing you are aware of everything that needs to be done
  • Makes you look like a professional that is organized and in control
  • Eliminates a ton of phone calls and delays

This is very helpful when a customer is already occupying their home or building, and scheduling service needs to revolve around the customer's schedule. VirtualBoss with only 3 clicks can give your customer a copy of all desired work orders (with all contact information). This means your customer and contractors know what work you have authorized. It also lets everybody know how to contact every body else involved. This saves lots of time and lots of phone calls.

You can use Remote VirtualBoss to communicate this information real time with anybody that has access to the internet.

Even if your customers do not see the service orders VirtualBoss will streamline your service tracking system so things get done.

With VirtualBoss, you will consistently have a place to put your to-do lists rather than having piles of miscellaneous paper everywhere. You will find what you need and send out service orders more efficiently and more thoroughly. Make yourself look more professional, save time, increase your productivity and profits, and increase your referral business!

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