VirtualBoss Construction Scheduling Software

Gantt Charting

Our Gantt Chart makes scheduling even faster, easier, and more effective! Now you will be able to see a graphic representation of any or all of your jobs, where certain tasks will overlap. You will be able to quickly view the big picture, or focus on 1 job or 1 contact.

See an example of our new Gantt Chart in full size See the new Gantt Chart options See the new filtering options

VirtualBoss provides easier graphical representations of you time lapse on your projects.  Click here to see a full size graphic!

You will easily be able to track your tasks as one week flows into the next with contrasting colors to indicate the weekends. Specific task details on your graph are only one mouse click away, and will adjust themselves in your graph as you make changes to your schedule. This at-a-glance tool will give you yet another approach to saving yourself time and phone calls!

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