Here is what Constructor Magazine wrote about VirtualBoss!

  • Anyone with basic computer skills can use VirtualBoss.
  • VirtualBoss offers a fast, easy, and mobile construction scheduling solution for general contractors, home builders, remodelers, developers, and real-estate property managers.
  • VirtualBoss can save the busy contractor both time and money because of its ease of use and reasonable cost.
  • Companies with large networks can use VirtualBoss, as well as the one man operation on a single computer.
  • What separates VirtualBoss from the other solutions for the construction industry is its ease of use.
  • By keeping it simple users do not have to rely on training seminars to get started. Anyone with basic computer skills can use VirtualBoss. Most new users learn how to use it in under an hour.
  • VirtualBoss enables users to easily enter project details and track tasks within them.
  • VirtualBoss also allows faxing of work orders to all necessary recipients at once with just three mouse clicks.
  • VirtualBoss also can export task lists to Microsoft Excel and provides Gantt charts for those who wish to see a visual representation of their project timelines.